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VM- HD B series Product Features:

1.With high-definition images and gorgeous colors
2.Different forms of installation
3.Operate stably


  • Features
  • Technical Parameters

 With a wide visual angle and high-definition images and gorgeous colors:

Due to a strict quality control, the screen presents a wide visual angle and better surface evenness and stability.
RGB deep gray processing achieves rich colors and high-definition images and supports point-to-point correction, guaranteeing the consistency of colors and brightness.



 The diversified and reliable installation forms can fully satisfy the demands of customers.

The rational structural design is tensile and resistant to earthquake. The diversified maintenance modes can effectively meet the requirements of different installation environments.
Customers can choose from simple, profile and suspension installation structures to satisfy their needs.


 Operate stably, prolong service life:

The quality raw materials, mature processes and large-scale production can guarantee that the screen works stably and reliably.



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